About the Rose

Rose Center Council for the Arts was established in 1976 to promote the arts in the Lakeway Area. It’s a volunteer driven organization that is supported by gifts, memberships, program fees, and public contributions.

The organization is housed in the historic Rose School, which is maintained to provide gallery, museum, meeting, and operations space to the many Lakeway area arts organizations as well as the public.

The operations are managed by 4 staff members, who coordinate the efforts of the Rose Center artists, teachers, and volunteers to deliver its programs.


Meet the Staff!

Drew Ogle  (Director)

Drew Ogle believes a creative community is also a thriving community. He is a performing artist who loves to sing, dance, and act when he isn’t using the left side of his brain at the office.





Beccy Hamm (Program Coordinator)

Beccy believes arts education is essential to a livable, vibrant community. When not at Rose Center or tutoring aspiring teachers at Tusculum College, she enjoys restoring her antebellum home, gardening, painting, attending arts events and visiting with her five adult children.







Lisa Shiveler (Office Coordinator)

Lisa supports Arts in all forms and enjoys working with the talented artists and instructors here at the Rose Center who add vibrancy to the Lakeway Area.

Lisa Shiveler holds an M.B.A. degree from Wesleyan College and has completed her coursework for a Masters in Counseling Education.  Prior to her work with the Rose Center, Lisa has worked in the fields of college admissions, mediation, recycling, and victim advocacy.  She is an active grant writer for numerous non-profit organizations.  Lisa also volunteers in the community by spending her time as the President of her Sunday school class and UMW Circle as well as a member of the Theatre Guild’s Board of Directors.





 Nathan McGhee (Project Specialist)nathan

Nathan believes the arts are not only vital in our community, but are also a necessity  for a positive and stress-free lifestyle. When not at the Rose, Nathan is pursuing a license to teach Theatre in high schools.  He is also heavily involved with local theatre companies on and off stage.


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